IR Controller Specification

Starter module

You can either connect a FTDI adapter or an ESP8266/ESP32/Arduino development board to control the Standard module.

Connection Details

Data bits: 8 data bits
Parity: No
Stop bit: 1 (N81 format)

Maker module

Wemos D1 Mini board is wired to use D5 to IR Controller (Rx) and D7 to IR Controller (Tx). You do not have to worry about wiring them correct

Supported Commands

IR Learning

E0 : Module will enter learning mode. Once you send this command, IR controller's indicator LED will turn blue. You can learn a single key with this command. Here is an example. Once the device enter learning mode it will respond Success (0x00) or Failed (0xff)

E1 : Used to learn a key combination. You can record two keys at once using this mode. Note: Some remotes controllers send two IRcodes when you press a single button. Once you press any button on your remote control to record an IR signal, the device will respond with the decoded IR data. Here is the format for E0, E1 commands:

Example Arduino/ESP or C#

Length Body Checksum
Packet size Infrared code content Packet validation checksum

IR Sending

E3 Is used to send an IR code. Packet format is command id E3 followed by IR content

Example Arduino/ESP or C#

The transmit command byte and the following parameters are delayed by more than 100us per byte


E2 : Exit learning mode

Error codes

Code Description
0x00 Success
0xff The infrared code is empty, invalid or learning error

The command error or timed out for the command LED light will flash 3 times

Learn multiple keys

You can learn the combination keys with IRDEVKIT module. For example when you say Alexa change the channel to HBO, you need to press 2 and then press 6 and then press the enter button. You can learn this series of actions into a single infrared code. This series of actions can be done with a single code and the same principle is used for learning the 123 channel. To start learning multi keys send E1 (225) to the controller

Decoding Features

• Supported infrared carrier

15kHz - 80kHz

• Power Supply:

 Operating voltage: 5V
 Working current: 4 - 6mA
 Emission peak: 1.5A
 Recommended power supply using 5VDC / 2A, ripple <20mv

• Operating Temp

0°C ~ +65°C (humidity: 10% - 95%)